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Perfect Layout is a small user-focused digital design consultancy based in Brighton, UK and owned by me, Enor Anidi. I provide quality products and services for a variety of clientele.


At Perfect Layout, I provide the following services for my clients:

user experience

User Experience

visual design

Visual Design



graphics and icons

Graphics and Icons


Here are some selected pieces of work that I have produced for my clients.

Please note that some have been pixelated due to signing NDA's:


Badoo View work

  • User Experience

I carried out a mini UX review for They wanted more women to engage with men on the website and for new members to interact with their 'Encounters' game. For this project, I only had a little bit of data to work from, so creating a persona was tricky.

I created a real profile on, anaylsed the pages in depth and managed to develop several insightful suggestions based on my experience on the website. I also provided Badoo with a number of design solutions and mock-ups.

ih london

IH London Visit Website

  • HTML & CSS (Responsive)

Cubeworks (now known as MBA Brighton) are a digital agency. They approached me to build a few responsive pages for their client, IH London. They also wanted a new home page with a fully responsive carousel which would display various HTML elements such as videos, blocks of text, and images.

I also implemented the 'burger' menu (something quite common on mobile/responsive websites) and was able to shrink the colourful navigation menu down. These templates were built with the 'mobile first' approach and were, of course, tested on a multitude of devices.

nda phone shop

UX Agency

  • Visual Design

I was hired by a UX agency to produce several design visuals to accompany a user journey process of buying a mobile phone. I worked very closely with the two UX Consultants at the agency.

The first consultant produced the high fidelity wireframes, and once I had completed the design visuals, the second consultant used Visio to make a clickable prototype to present to the client.



  • HTML & CSS (Responsive)

It's always nice to be hired again by the same client. This time, Cubeworks, asked me to create responsive templates (which would be implemented into the clients CMS) for their client, CEOP.

As this project is not live yet, I can not provide a link to their website, but I am happy to discuss this project in further detail, either on email or on the phone.

nda employee reward scheme

UX Agency

  • Visual Design

I was asked to create several design visuals for an employee reward scheme. The visuals were based on the user journey of a staff member viewing the homepage, then logging into their account to then further explore the back-end system.

The design followed a Flat UI, as per the agency's request. This project had a tight deadline and I worked hard to deliver all visuals within 4 days.


  • HTML & CSS

Collaborating with a UX agency in London and, I was hired to build 3 high-fidelity HTML prototypes for their user-testing session. The work had a quick turnaround but I was able to deliver on time.

Though not responsive, I implemented a few jQuery scripts to get the check in/check out input fields to work, plus the clickable advert in the top right corner.


Digital Agency View work

  • Graphics and Icons

This well-known agency hired me to produce some simple but effective illustrations to help make up one of their infographics that they wanted to present to their client.

For this project, I created several sketches in my notebook, and then created the graphics using Illustrator. This project ended with a very happy client, just what I like.

nda pharmacy

Online Pharmacy

  • Visual Design
  • HTML & CSS

I was tasked with designing and building 2 versions of this pharmacy's homepage, which would then undergo split A/B testing. I worked with a UX Consultant on this project, who had already carried out research.

Due to the time restrictions, the UX consultant had to source appropriate images, which I then implemented into the design.


I communication throughout an entire project.

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